Randy McDaniel

Morgan County


Penn State University (Continuing Studies) Major: AutoCAD, Release 12, Windows May 1992University of Maryland: Industrial Arts 1966-1969 Major: Drafting, Engineering and Architectural


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Creating works in metal is a way for me to express a three-dimensional feeling of motion, life and fun. Creating with the hydraulic forging press is another way to show the life that hot metal exudes as it shows the clay-like quality of hot metal that no other method displays. Even after over forty-five years in this art I am in a state of constant growth as new methods and ideas keep me creating new works. This allows my whimsical designs to perpetuate a lighter heart for all; for myself while creating and for the client over the years.


I am an artist/blacksmith working in hot malleable metals. I began in 1972 from a class at a Farm Museum in Westminster, MD. Later classes were at various craft schools learning more advanced techniques. I originally specializing in colonial reproduction ironwork and later turned to more natural forms in my works which then became forging other metals and eventually became more sculptural. My design and forging of the artwork for the Children’s Garden entrance arbor at Hershey Gardens is an excellent example of my skill, art and whimsy.I have been teaching basic and advanced classes in blacksmithing to others for over forty years nationwide and in Newfoundland. These include classes at many of the top schools, colleges and for many regional blacksmithing groups. I was also a lecturer and demonstrator for the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America’s International Conference at Alfred, New York in 1990, at LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 2002 and I am scheduled to be a demonstrator near Dallas, Texas in 2022. I have also gained recognition and acclaim for writing and illustrating the highly successful book “A Blacksmithing Primer, A Course In Basic And Intermediate Blacksmithing”, which has currently sold over 30,000 books worldwide. Currently my focus is on designing and creating unique items using the power of my 60 ton hydraulic forging press. This has included tooling and dies to produce high end unique belt buckles and other items in hot forged bronze and steel. I am also an instructor and operate the Expressive Metals School of Blacksmithing near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

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