Sharon Harms

Kanawha County


A.D. American Academy of Art (Chicago)


At a very early age I knew I wanted to be an artist. My family was always very supportive of my interest and provided me with access to fine institutions for learning about both art history and the techniques which would allow me to create my own art.

My work reflects my interest in nature, my personal observations and my fondest memories. With fluid strokes, unique to watercolor, I attempt to accentuate the highlights, patterns, colors and compositions that are most impressive within a subject and call attention to them.

Painting is a way for me to interface with the world around me and record my thoughts and feelings. It helps me make sense of life and create a pictorial journal of my journey.


I am a painter/designer/illustrator. I am originally from Chicago, IL where I studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. I was fortunate enough to study with Mohammed Drisi and Irving Shapiro, both masters in their fields. I moved to West Virginia in 1976 for a job as an illustrator. I have remained in this beautiful state since then and in 1987 I started my own business, Image Associates LLC. I learned the craft of stained glass in WV and produced many fine pieces in a twenty year span including the doors to the Fine Art Gallery at Tamarack, and four windows in that building. Having studied with Irving Shapiro in my youth, I began to create watercolor paintings in 2007. The paintings have been very successful and I have won several awards in the WV Juried Exhibit. I also use my watercolor images to produce greeting cards.

I continue to use my design and illustration skills at my day-job at Image Associates. My duties there also include set design, story-board production and wardrobe design.

I received an associates degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. I took private painting lessons with world famous Mohammed Drisi and special advanced classes with Irving Shapiro.

Other Creative Skills

Installation Art Design & Production, Painting

Sharon Harms's Work

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