Stellathena Vartheyanyos Gregory

Braxton County


I have a life- long love of art. I have been doing some form of art since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I am still drawing on the walls. While my degree is not in the field of art, I do have a masters in deaf education. I have recently retired from teaching. I am ready to take my art to the next level.


About Stellathena Vartheyanyos Gregory

I do windows…and much more! You dream it, I can do it. I use the Tiffany technique and find inspiration all around me. Stained glass is my passion.


I am a multi-media artist. I paint murals, portraits, landscapes. I quill and do origami. My passion is stained glass. I do windows…and much more. I make boxes, kaleidoscopes, lamps and more. You dream it, I can do it. I have been doing stained glass for 22 years. I now teach stained glass classes.

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