Theresa Winstead

Summers County


B.A. Graphic Communications (University of Texas at Arlington)


Details of everyday life in the natural world are what I find fascinating. I look for and photograph the things that are going on around us daily, but most people tend to miss. The subtle changes of the seasons as they pass from one to the next, morning light on a cloud-draped hillside, a glint of sunshine on the water in the creek as it tumbles over rocks… These are the kinds of details I look for and try to capture with my camera. I want the viewer of my photos to see the same magic that I see in the details of nature.


Originally from Texas, my parents brought me up surrounded by art, books, and nature. A degree in graphics honed my skills, and traveling all over the country with my military husband provided endless opportunities to get to see the abundance of natural beauty that our country has to offer.

While living in Colorado for a few years, my interest in photography increased significantly with a seemingly endless array of amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery. Nature photography is my passion, whether grand vistas or minutia in the moss, I love it all.

Painting and drawing are other art forms that I enjoy, along with gardening, cooking, music, and travel. I have retired to West Virginia where I enjoy the natural beauty and slower pace that is Appalachia.

I am currently an artist member at the Alderson Artisans Gallery in Alderson, WV, where my photography can be found on canvas, prints, and cards.

[email protected]
Other Creative Skills

Basketmaking, Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpting

Theresa Winstead's Work

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