Nycoma Scott

Greenbrier County



I am the owner, operator, engineer, artist, and craftsman for Appalachian Moon Woodworks, nestled in the heart of the lush and beautiful Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia. A small crew of experienced, knowledgeable craftsman assist in the completion of larger jobs. AMW specializes in unique, custom, hand-made, heirloom furnishings, reproductions, case work, architectural implementations and sculpture. I collaborate with architects, interior designers, contractors and home owners, to make dreams and concepts a reality. Most all of the woods used in my creations are indigenous to, and harvested from, the majestic Appalachian Mountains. These are of the most desirable hardwoods in the world. Any woods or materials requested can be made available though. At AMW, I strive to achieve a standard of quality, attention to detail, honesty of design, and customer service that make first time clients, lifetime clients. Please come back regularly as the gallery will be updated frequently.


I began my journey as an artist/woodworker over 20 years ago. As a young musician, I developed a great desire to build my own instrument. I sought out a very established Luthier and asked for the opportunIty to learn the trade. Through an apprenticeship as a luthier, I found that I had a knack for woodworking and realized that I had stumbled on to one of my life’s greatest passions. From there I went on to design and create artistic furnishings, architectural implementations, cabinetry and sculpture/carving. I have worked in the high end furniture market all over the world, been commissioned by high profile clientele such as celebrities and world leaders, and exhibited my work in galleries nationwide. My love of the art, dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to quality improve the environment of myself and my clients. Smiles are contagious after all; and I hope to continue spreading them for the rest of my life.

Other Creative Skills

Architecture, Industrial Design, Installation Art Design & Production, Jewelry-making, Metalworking, Sculpting, Sound, Woodworking

Nycoma Scott's Work

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